MODIS v6 01-19 TFA data available MIR, LST & Vegetation Indices

The latest release of 1km resolution images produced by Temporal Fourier analysis of global MODIS data. The imagery summarises some key environmental indicators, incorporating seasonal dynamics, for the PALE-Blu study area.  This version of the Fourier processed imagery has been applied to a time series of version 6 MODIS data for 2001-19.

The latest release includes the Middle Infra-red (MIR) band 03, Day and Night Land Surface Temperature (DLST & NLST) bands 07 and 08, the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) band 14 and the Enhance Vegetation Index (EVI) band 15.

For more information on the fourier process please refer to the PALE-Blu MODIS page.

This data was made available through the funding of EU Horizon 2020 projects PALE-BLU and MOnitoring Outbreak events for Disease surveillance in a data science context (MOOD)

This data is currently restricted to PALE-BLU & MOOD project partners and can be downloaded when logged into the site with the required permissions.  The data can be found at in the following directory:

PALE-Blu Data > PB Orthoimagery > PB MODIS V6 TFA 2001-19 

If you are a project partner and would like access please email