PALE-Blu Data Archive

Here is where the PALE-Blu Data archive can be accessed.  The data spans a wide number of categories but mainly collated for use in research of vector borne disease epidemiology.

How will this site work? Data will only be available if you register on the site (it is not possible to register to the site now, but you will be able to shortly).  Data will then be available depending on any restrictions placed on it by the data owner.  However the majority of these restrictions can be simplifed to three lvels of access:

  • Publically available data: Will be clipped to various projects extents and made available for download to all registered users (both project partners and the general public).
  • Project restricted data: These datasets will only be available to specific project partners by request of the data owners.
  • Group restricted data: This is data restricted to members of specific sub project groups defined by username and email.

There are two other levels of restriction levels that will also be used when required:

  • Custom permissions: For data with limited access only to individuals agreed by the data owner.
  • Flagged data: This is data that has been acquired and processed by the Data Management Team for which we are not allowed to distribute within the project directly.  For these datasets we shall describe the data and include a link to where it can be downloaded or requested directly from the data owner.  Once the data has acquired it directly from the data owner please conact us if you would like details on how we have processed the data to meet PALE-Blu data standards.