Vector control specialists who are interested in humanitarian aid and overseas experience


On behalf of Dutch Surge Support (DSS water) I am contacting you to ask if you know any vector control specialists who are interested in humanitarian aid. We are currently looking for vector control specialists for our database.

In the case that you are not familiar with DSS water, I will explain what the DSS water facility is.

DSS water provides at the request of international humanitarian organisations quick emergency relief in the presence of water related disasters. Experts can be deployed in the area of inter alia water & sanitation, water resources management, and WASH information management. DSS water is an initiative of the Dutch government, in close cooperation with the Dutch water sector and the Dutch Red Cross. If you would like more information about DSS water, please visit our website:

Because diseases such as malaria and dengue are a big problem in the area where we deploy experts, we would like to grow our database with vector control specialists. It is our intention to discuss with international humanitarian organisations the possibility of providing this expertise  through short deployments or remote support. Anyone who is interested in sharing their expertise in the context of emergency relief, can register in our database. This is possible through:

Once the specialist is registered in our database, he or she will receive all DSS water requests by e-mail. Specialists can then apply for a deployment by sending their cv and a short motivation.