Senior Expert Emerging and Vector-borne Diseases, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Stockholm, Sweden


Vacancy: Senior Expert Emerging and Vector-borne Diseases Unit: Surveillance and Response Support

Reference: (ECDC/AD/2016/SRS-SEEVD)

Applications are invited for the above Temporary Agent post at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).


 Please note that the deadline to apply is 23.01.2017 (although on the website it is indicated 23.12.2016

Job description
The jobholder will report to the Group Leader EU Preparedness in the Epidemic Intelligence and Response Section, while working in close collaboration with the coordinator of disease-specific programme on Emerging and Vector-borne Diseases (EVD).

The purpose of the job is to provide expert support to the Centre’s activities on EVD, with a particular focus on public health prevention and control and response support activities.
He/She will be responsible in particular for the following areas of work:

  • Support and develop surveillance and control activities for EVDs;
  • Initiate and lead projects that contribute to the evidence base for Commission and Member States policy advisors, to help them plan their response to EVDs and to foster a better understanding of the epidemiological situation in EU/EEA;
  • Initiate, carry out and/or supervise scientific studies and consultancies on EVD, including laboratory support, through tendering, management and follow-up of contracted activities to produce scientific advice and guidance on prevention and control of EVDs;
  • Actively participate in preparation of rapid risk assessments in the area of EVD;
  • Provide advice to Member States for questions related to EVDs;
  • Develop and maintain working relations with the appropriate units in the Commission, other EU institutions, WHO, relevant national and international organisations and other international stakeholders involved in the prevention and control of EVD;
  • Contribute to the further development of the Centre’s strategy on EVDs;
  • Participate in the response duties and in response missions related to EVD events;
  • Contribute to other activities of ECDC, as required, in his/her field of expertise;
  • Contribute to the 24/7 duty system of ECDC.