Project Co-ordinator, Intitut Pasteur, South East Asia


Terms of Reference

The Project:

It aims to accompany within the Asian region, the projects of economic development with important impacts on ecosystems in order to measure and minimize (if necessary) the health risks for local population associated to these phenomenon.

Indeed, according to the specific situation of each partner country, this project will allow assessing the influence of: (i) changes in land use or (ii) changes in human demographics and society on local population health.

To do so, this project will focus on infectious diseases, whose incidence have been shown or are suspected to be related to anthropogenic ecological change in 4 selected countries belonging to the SouthEast Asia (that is to say: Cambodia, Laos PDR, Vietnam, and Burma).

Its specific objectives are to:

  • Decipher the major ecological mechanism responsible for this situation,
  • Assess the actual risk for local population health, and
  • Suggest intervention strategies and evidence-based models to set-up cost-effective surveillance systems
  • Contribute to enhance collaborations between major national and regional stakeholders in this field of interest (national governmental entities, Institut Pasteur International Network, CIRAD, etc.).


He / She ensures the global coordination of the project with the assistance of a dedicated management team composed of a local half-time secretary as well as a Project Manager and a Financial Officer based at Institut Pasteur.


As regional Coordinator of the project, he / she will be strategically based in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), close to the 3 local partner institutions respectively based in Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia and Burma.

Attached to: International Division, Institut Pasteur (France)

Position based at: Institut Pasteur in Cambodia

Duration: 36 months

Roles & Duties:

  • Verifies that each Work Package and more globally the project progresses in line with the Grant Agreement
  • Supports the 3 partners institutions alongside the implementation of their Work Package, especially regarding the translation of their Work Package outcomes / results into concrete recommendations and guidelines addressed to their national authorities
  • Is the dedicated contact person liaising with the funding agency on behalf of the consortium
  • Chairs the Steering Committee and Knowledge Translation Platform in order to ensure optimised coherence between decision-making bodies and to minimize the risk of bottle necks
  • Discusses the difficulties encountered by the partners and reports them to the Steering Committee if needed
  • Coordinates the release of the periodic reporting to the funding agency in due time
  • Is responsible for the clear bidirectional communication within the consortium
  • Mediates and settles disputes within the consortium
  • Promotes the project and its results within the region and beyond


  • Specialist in public health holding a degree in medicine, veterinary and/or sciences (ecology, epidemiology, etc.)
  • More than five years of experience in the management of large scientific collaborative projects: a multidisciplinary framework, several partner organisations, various countries, different cultures
  • Good experience in the promotion of project and its outcomes (especially return of information to national and international concerned authorities)
  • Very good human relations skills
  • Fluent in French and English (spoken and written) are requisite
  • Editorial fluency (in French and English) is highly recommended
  • Knowledge and experience in the area of economic development and/or ecosystem modifications and/or health risk evaluation will be a plus
  • Earlier successful professional experience in Asia will be considered as extra asset
  • Comfortable with office software


Marc Jouan-

General Secretary of Institut Pasteur International Network