Professorship in Landscape Ecology and Site Evaluation, Rostock, Germany



The Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at the University of Rostock invites applications for a

W3 - Professorship in Landscape Ecology and Site Evaluation

to be appointed as soon as possible.
We are looking for a scholar of distinction with a high international reputation in Landscape Ecology and Site Evaluation. The successful candidate is expected to represent this broad scientific field in academic teaching and research in its full diversity and develop parts of it with excellence and international visibility.
  • To develop a research programme on processes and functions in agriculturally used landscapes and relevant interactions with adjoining ecosystems under the impact of climate changes and changes in land use.
  • A research focus on semiterrestrial and terrestrial ecosystems of the northern hemisphere and particular expertise in one or more of the following topics are highly appreciated
    • Vegetation Ecology / Biodiversity at the spatial scale of the landscape;
    • Analysis and prognosis of biotic and/or abiotic components and process using experimental and spatial modelling approaches, e.g. to investigate greenhouse gasses;
    • Analysis, evaluation and management of site potentials in landscapes that were formed during the Pleistocene/Holocene.
  • Active participation in the multidisciplinary research clsuters of the University of Rostock "Maritime systems" and/or the Leibniz ScienceCampus "Phosphorusresearch Rostock".
  • Academic teaching in the Bachelor and Master programs of the Faculty. The broad range of classes is to be organised individually or in cooperation; it actually involves Landscape Ecology, contributions to Pedology/Site evaluation field classes, Wetland soils: use and protection; Monitoring and Analysis of Ecosystem functions.
  • Active participation in Faculty boards and committees.
  • An university degree and a doctoral degree above average in an agricultural, biological or geoscientific field of science;
  • Habilitation or equivalent scientific achievements and qualifications;
  • Experience in the acquisition of funds for research and expertise in one or more of the above research areas proven by international publications;
  • Expertise in academic teaching and tutoring of students involving to actively support the students in their personnel developments and capacities for teamwork;
  • Willingness to multidisciplinary cooperation in academic teaching and research.