Postdoc position for infection ecologist/modeler available in Antwerp, Belgium


POSTDOC POSITION FOR TWO OR THREE YEARS - The Evolutionary Ecology Group at University of Antwerp, Belgium, ( has an open position for a postdoc for two or three years, in a project  "Ecology of Lassa virus and related arenaviruses in the natural host Mastomys natalensis."  The project involves both fieldwork and analyses of existing long-term data and samples. For the present position, the focus will be on the modelling work, but field activities in Africa and lab experiments in our biosafety animal facility can be included as well.


Our team in the Evolutionary Ecology Group (  is studying the ecology of infections in free-living populations of small mammals, mostly rodents. The pathogens we focus on include mainly viruses (hantaviruses, arenaviruses, filoviruses, poxviruses,… ) and bacteria (Yersinia pestis, Leptospira, Borrelia,…). Our main research question is how the ecology and evolution of the hosts affects the transmission, ecology and evolution of the pathogens, and vice versa. We are particularly interested in the temporal and spatial dynamics of these host-pathogen systems.


Applicants should have a strong cv and proven skills in statistical and mathematical modelling of dynamic systems, preferably in ecology or epidemiology. Field experience would be a bonus.  The successful applicant will take the daily lead of the project, develop the scientific questions and study design in collaboration with the project leader and take responsibilities in supervising M.Sc. and Ph.D. students working on the project. He/she will be expected to become involved in the general activities of the research group, which may also involve a limited amount (max. 30h) of teaching.


The position can be taken up from 1 September 2016 or soonest thereafter.


More information and application form at:


Prof. dr. Herwig Leirs