Postdoc position in "Green Landscapes" project - Stellenbosch, South Africa


The Forest and Wood Science department at Stellenbosch University, have been awarded a research grant on landscape management research that we call the "Green Landscapes" project. We urgently would like to fill a postdoctoral fellowship position in the field of landscape-management in our Department, so that a start can be made with this work. The position is available from the soonest possible date. The main task for the postdoc in the trans-disciplinary project will be the establishment of a spatial decision support system for land-use effects on ecosystem services. GIS expertise and programming background would be a prerequisite. Please spread this information topersons who might be interested.

Much obliged

Dr. Ben du Toit            Dr. Ben du Toit
Forest and Wood Science    Bos- en Houtkunde
University of Stellenbosch  Universiteit van Stellenbosch
Tel + 27 21 808 3305          Fax + 27 21 808 3603

Green Landscapes

The potential Postdoc candidate should have the following qualifications, expertise and attributes:

      1. A postdoc within five year of attaining a PhD in the forest sciences or comparable field with skills and experience in RS/GIS and preferably spatial decision support systems

      2. Experience relating to the ecology and management of natural forests and woodlands and plantation forestry, the ecological processes of disturbance and recovery and integrated management of timber and non-timber forest products

      3. Experience in land-use modelling.

      4. Be able to supervise MSc and PhD students specializing in the Green Landscape research concept.

      5. Practical experience in working with different stakeholders at different levels of financial and technological capacity internationally and in Africa.

      6. A proven record of successful innovations relating to integrated resource use, rehabilitation and small business development and combining small business at rural level with the rehabilitation practices.


Additional but maybe out of the scope of the proposed incumbent:

  1. The potential to leverage funding from both public and private sources internationally and nationally will be an asset.

  2. An incumbent able to achieve NRF scientific rating will be a bonus.