Post Doc in Mosquitoes ecology and control, The Fondazione Edmund Mach, Trento, Italy


The Fondazione Edmund Mach in the autonomous province of Trento, Italy are recruiting for the position of

Post Doc in Mosquitoes ecology and control

A post doc position is available in the Animal Ecology Group, Biodiversity and Molecular Ecology department of the Research and Innovation Centre.
Post Doc in Mosquitoes ecology and control (142_CRI_MEC) - deadline November 17, 2013


The specific mission of the position is to generate new knowledge on the biology, ecology and strategies for the control of native and invasive alien mosquitoes species such as Culex pipiens, Aedes albopictus and Aedes koreicus within the mountain territory of the Trento Province and sourroundings territories, integrating field work, laboratory work and mathematical modelling.

Main tasks will be the recording and measurement of several basic biological parameters of these species in mountain environment, the design and realisation of experimental mosquito control activities in Trentino and the cooperation with LExEM modelers for the production of the most suitable mitigation scenarios.

The position is related to the project “Laboratory of Excellence for Epidemiology and Modelling. Facing the introduction and spread of Invasive Alien Species into the territory of the Autonomous Province of Trento” (LExEM) (Grandi Progetti 2012, Provincia Autonoma di Trento).

Please read the position details to understand if you are eligible for the position. In order to apply send your cv and fill the application form. Application and profile are also available at the following link.