Mini-Secondment Funding Opportunity, Edinburgh, UK


Mini-Secondment Funding Opportunity

The University of Edinburgh is delighted to announce the offer of financial support for short term exchange and placement of staff or postgraduate students in industry or other external bodies (such as companies, policy makers, animal health practitioners) to stimulate impact in the area of Infectious Diseases.

Increase the impact of your research

This is a fanstastic opportunity to explore ways in which your research could deliver impact.  We are looking for fresh thinking and ideas on ways to make new external links with companies and organisations that could interact with Edinburgh Infectious Diseases researchers.  These interactions could help address company or sector problems that will deliver increase the impact from your research to human or animal medicine.

The most successful entries will address how the placement will benefit both your research and Industry / other stakeholders to deliver solutions to real problems in infectious diseases. Your idea could be anything as long as mutual benefit can be delivered, you can demonstrate the relevance of the placement, and can identify a willing partner.

Some examples might be:

  •     time in a relevant commercial lab to gain insight into antibiotic drug discovery
  •     hosting a company partner to allow them to learn a new technique, or become more familiar with your expertise and research
  •     placement with a charity that supports neglected disease research to learn about on-the-ground challenges to delivery of disease treatment
  •     time spent with a policy maker e.g. Scottish Government, learning about the process of providing advice to government
  •     work with a market research company to understand unmet needs your particular area of reaserch

Awards of up to £2000 are expected, but additional funds may be available for exceptional applications.


All applications must be submitted by 5 pm on Friday 30 August 2013

    Submit application online here

Rules of the award

  1.     The award must be used to cover expenses related to the placement e.g. travel, accommodation, lab consumables, but not salary costs
  2.     All entries must be received by Friday 30 August 2013
  3.     An impact summary report must be submitted within 30 days of the completion of the secondment detailing the nature of the impact achieved
  4.     The placement must be with a non-academic partner; this can be an industrial partner, charity, and Government or Industrial body
  5.     The secondment can be in either direction - university academic to external partner or external partner to university
  6.     The impact must be aligned to BBSRC’s Research Priorities in infectious diseases of animals and humans

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