Medical entomologist, Cirad, Guadeloupe



The CMAEE (Control of Emerging and Exotic Animal Diseases), mixed CIRAD/INRA research unit - site de Duclos, Guadeloupe, recruits a medical entomologist to gain knowledge on the bio-ecology of culicid populations in coastal humid areas of Guadeloupe (identification of species communities; temporal population dynamics, seasonal variations related to environmental factors, host feeding preferences) with a view to identify West Nile (WN) virus vector(s).


Reference to remind : 2158 Place : Guadeloupe, Centre Inra Antilles-Guyane, Site Cirad-Duclos, Petit-Bourg.
Publication date : 08/11/2013 Type of contract : 2 years position.
Ending date : 12/12/2013 Begining date : Starting immediately

Position description

In a favorable scientific environment, on a research center with more than 120 researchers, within the CIRAD team of 20 persons including 8 researchers, with high level facilities, the candidate will be responsible for the following:

  • Inventory of mosquito populations of humid coastal areas (marshy areas and swamp forests located behind mangroves) with mosquito collection on the field (all stages).
  • Study of mosquito temporal dynamic, organizing mosquito collections, to be carried out during 1 year at least using different traps in 2 to 3 sites representatives of humid areas, in collaboration with ecologists from the University of Antilles Guyane.
  • Species identification of collected mosquitoes, from morphological and molecular criteria. Due to the lack of taxonomic key for culicids of Guadeloupe, the candidate will develop a morphological key (larvae, adults) with the help of European and Caribbean/Latin America expert entomologists.
  • Study of host feeding preferences by blood meal analysis of engorged mosquitoes using molecular tools.
  • Organization of intense mosquito collection if viral circulation occurs, in order to isolate the WN virus, preparation and storage of mosquito pool with a view to isolate WN virus
  • Prioritization of the species of greatest interest to rear for future studies on their vectorial competences.


  • PhD in medical entomology, with a previous post-doc experience desired. Strong experience required in field mosquito collection: i) development of mosquito sampling protocols and trapping strategies, use of a variety of mosquito traps: (CO2, gravid traps, BG sentinel trap, animal baited traps) ii) morphological identification of larval and adult (male/female) stages.
  • Expertise on mosquito rearing and skills in use of molecular tools for taxonomy appreciated.
  • Experience in tropical area desired.
  • Practice and writing of English: compulsory, Practice of Spanish: desired.
  • Team spirit and strong motivation to work within a multi-disciplinary context with epidemiologists, modelers, microbiologists and virologists and to build collaborations with other partners.
  • Initiative and autonomy.
  • Taste for scientific and know-how divulgations and communications and for scientific popularization.

Position constraints

  • Controlled access to the laboratory