Geomatics disaster damage & recovery Fully funded 2 year postdoc position, Enschede, Netherlands


currently advertising a fully-funded postdoc position for 2 years, entitled “Geoinformatics for disaster damage and recovery assessment”. Given the different research lines related to geoinformatics and disaster risk management currently being pursued in my chair group, there is room for the postdoc to focus on a number of areas:
  • support the ongoing research projects on UAV-based damage mapping (mainly H2020) by adding novel and relevant additional research questions that benefit from the ongoing work and expertise in the project consortia;
  • support development of machine learning approaches for generation of elements-at-risk and hazard databases using cloud-based computing tools;
  • expand our research on recovery assessment that links advanced remote sensing and economic modelling;
  • help build up a knowledge node in the field of impact assessment and support of auditing and accountability needs with remote sensing, for example to provide impact evidence for donors who support post-disaster recovery;
  • help expand our knowledge on image-based functional damage and recovery assessment, i.e. going beyond the traditional focus on physical features; or develop research that addresses the geoinformation needs of humanitarian organisations such as the Red Cross, building on existing links with 510 global (
I am looking for an enthusiastic person with a PhD in remote sensing/geoinformatics, ideally with some background in the disaster field, and programming skills. More details in the attached a flyer. The link for the position and the application form can be found here.
If you can think of a potentially interested and suitable candidate I would appreciate it if you could pass on the information. The application deadline is 1 July, hence I’d like to spread the word quickly.