Pisano Julie

Name: Julie Pisano

Email: pisano.julie@gmail.com

EDENext Group membership: RBD

Supervisor or Team Leader: Johan Michaux, Nathalie Charbonnel, Jean-François Cosson

Institution: University of Liège (Belgium) & INRA (France)

Member of project since: January 2012

Short description of project activities:

During this PhD study, I will focus on the “Genetic Structure of the bank vole, Myodes glareolus and of one of its specific pathogens, the Puumala hantavirus, based on a genetic and phenotypic multi-marker approach in Fennoscandinavia”. The aim is to better understand the hybridisation process at the fennoscandinavian contact zones between distinct lineages of Myodes glareolus by developing a multi-marker approach (cytochrome b, microsatellites, autosomal and sex-linked genes, RAD-sequencing, S-fragment of the hantavirus genetic background etc.).

Main skills:


Are you willing to help other colleagues in EDENext, and if so in what fields or activities:



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