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Jordi Figuerola Borras: Scientific Tenure at Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC). His research activities in recent years has focused on studying the mechanisms that promote and/or restrict local and long distance dispersal of plants, invertebrates and pathogens by waterfowl. Work with parasites has focused on different groups of blood parasites and pathogens, mainly Protozoa blood and West Nile virus and Influenza in wild birds. He has published over 80 articles in journals covered by SCI, 19 popular science articles, 12 book chapters and 1 book (see Since 2006 he had been project leader of 9 projects on West Nile virus, Influenza and dispersal of toxic algae by waterfowl.

Please view Jordi's bibliography below.  You can view in further detail five of the latest and most relevant  publications by clicking on the links found at the bottom of the bibliography.


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Title: Size matters: West Nile Virus neutralizing antibodies in resident and migratory birds in Spain
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Title: Seroconversion in wild birds and local circulation of west nile virus, Spain
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Source: EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES   Volume: 13   Issue: 12   Pages: 1915-1917   Published: DEC 2007
Title: Serosurvey of West Nile virus in equids and bovids in Spain
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Source: VETERINARY RECORD   Volume: 161   Issue: 6   Pages: 212-212   Published: AUG 11 2007
Title: Prevalence of West Nile virus neutralizing antibodies in colonial aquatic birds in southern Spain
Author(s): Figuerola J, Jimenez-Clavero MA, Rojo G, et al.
Source: AVIAN PATHOLOGY   Volume: 36   Issue: 3   Pages: 209-212   Published: JUN 2007

Recommended Reading:

Seroconversion in Wild Birds and Local Circulation of West Nile Virus, Spain

A serosurvey for neutralizing antibodies against West Nile virus (WNV) in common coots (Fulica atra) was conducted in Doñana, Spain. Antibody prevalence was highest in 2003, intermediate in 2004, and lowest in 2005. Some birds seroreverted <1 year after first capture. Seroconversion of birds suggests local circulation of the virus.

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