Partner 37 – Innovative Diagnostics-VET (ID-VET)

ID-VET, Montpellier, France. ID-VET’s core activity of ID-VET is the development and production of a range of Elisa reagents used by veterinary laboratories involved in surveillance programs implemented by the European community and professional organisations in the animal farming industry. Through strategic partnerships with institutional research organisations or industrialists in the veterinary field, and through its own professional experience, ID-VET innovates in the following areas:

  • Development and commercialisation of reagents designed to detect emerging pathologies.
  • Progress in the intrinsic performance of diagnostic tests: high discrimination between positives and negatives, sensitivity, specificity, detection level and repeatability of methods.
  • Simplification of use, improvement of product robustness.

Based on this innovative strategy, and with special attention to production and quality control, ID- VET is a privileged partner of actors in the field of veterinary diagnostics. For example, ID-VET is currently a major provider of kits used in the recent European outbreak of diseases such as Blue- tongue, West-Nile, and Influenza.

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