Schaffner Francis

Dr Francis Schaffner, French, PhD: medical and veterinary entomologist. He has more than 24 years of experience in surveillance, control, taxonomy, ecology of insect vectors and epidemiology of human and animal vector-borne diseases. He was during 8 years co-ordinator for the detection and control programme of invasive mosquitoes, firstly Ae albopictus, throughout France, and he participated actively to the risk assessment of West Nile and chikungunya viruses for metropolitan France. He was also involved in the former EU-funded project EDEN, initially as a scientific referent for a full partner (EID Méditerranée, France) and since his relocation to Zurich (end of 2006) as invited expert in entomology. Beside his main activity as leader of a research team on arachno-entomology, he is working as consultant within the Avia-GIS company and the Euro-AEGIS group, major activities including training and capacity building, as well as providing guidance and advice for risk assessment and management of vector-borne diseases. Thus, he has lead in 2008 the TigerMaps project for ECDC (Development of Ae. albopictus risk maps) and is member of the recently created consortium who is developing for ECDC the VBORNET European Network of entomological and public health specialists on vector borne diseases. He is active in several international scientific societies and co-leader of the European Mosquito Control Association (EMCA) Ae. albopictus working group, which allows him to develop numerous contacts throughout Europe. He published more than 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 25 other papers, booklets, book chapters or CD-ROM, of which most are closely related to the EDENEXT project.


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