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Useful resources available online from EDENext's Public Health team now include the group's White Paper on Public Health and Vector-Borne Diseases: A New Concept for Risk Governance, in addition to five issues of PUBLICise Health, the newsletter designed to inform interested individuals and institutions about the project’s research results on vector-borne diseases with direct or indirect impacts on Public Health issues.

Publication: Leishmaniosis and dirofilariosis in southern Portugal

Researchers based in Portugal have established that dogs in the south of the country are at risk of leishmaniosis and dirofilariosis, with consequences not only for the veterinary community and local dog owners, but also for tourists visiting the Algarve area with their pets.

Publication: Greater surveillance required for scrub typhus

Researchers have reported the discovery of [[Orientia]] DNA in rodents collected from France and Senegal, prompting them to recommend improvements in surveillance for scrub typhus outside Asia, where is it is considered a seriously neglected life-threatening disease.

Publication: Dirofilaria repens DNA in Czech mosquitoes

Researchers have detected specific [[Dirofilaria repens]] DNA in [[Aedes vexans]] mosquitoes for the first time in the Czech Republic and confirmed the circulation of [[Dirofilaria]] spp. in a natural focus of infection, providing an epidemiological link between autochthonous canine cases and mosquito vectors in the area studied.

Publication: Future potential distribution of Culicoides imicola

Researchers say biosecurity risks from bluetongue and African horse sickness viruses need to be re-evaluated as a result of their modelling of the ecoclimate niche of [[Culicoides imicola]], a major arthropod vector of midge-borne viral pathogens affecting ruminants and equids.