Research scientist in computational biology, CIRAD, Guadeloupe



The CMAEE (Control of Emerging and Exotic Animal Diseases), mixed CIRAD/INRA research unit - site de Duclos, Guadeloupe, recruits a research scientist in computational biology to develop innovative approaches to further comprehend the host/vector/pathogen interactions in addition and in connection with research lead by the microbiologists, immunologists epidemiologists and entomologists. The main model will concern an intracellular bacteria transmitted by ticks, Ehrlichia ruminantium .

Reference to remind : 2160 Place : Guadeloupe, Centre INRA Antilles-Guyane, Site Cirad-Duclos, Petit-Bourg.
Publication date : 08/11/2013 Type of contract : 2 years position
Ending date : 12/12/2013 Begining date : Starting immediately

Position description

In a favorable scientific environment, on a research center with more than 120 researchers, within the CIRAD team of 20 persons including 8 researchers, with high level facilities, the candidate will be responsible for the following:

The researcher in computational biology will be responsible for the following:

  • Development of bioinformatics approaches for comparative genomic and transcriptomic studies of Ehrlichia ruminantium to comprehend the dynamic biological process differentially involved between virulent and attenuated strain.
  • Development and application of an algorithm integrating all the “omics” data (from genomic to proteomic) in order to understand the biological model Ehrlichia ruminantium.
  • Additional support on the current approaches developed in the team on the Ehrlichia ruminantium evolution linked to its vector using among others the metagenomic data generated locally.
  • Contribution to the development of the inter-institutional bioinformatics platform in Guadeloupe and participation to the transversal bioinformatics platform in CIRAD Montpellier.


  • PhD in Bioinformatics with post-doctoral experience.
  • Post-doctoral experience desired in the field of NGS data analysis and/or evolutionary genome analysis.
  • Strong background supported by publications on evolutionary genetics and microbial genome analysis.
  • Experience required on the development of bioinformatics analysis methods and pipelines on these fields.
  • Experience desired on complex system biology, regulation mechanisms or functional networks.
  • Team spirit and strong motivation to work within a multi-disciplinary context, particularly with the biologists.
  • Taste for scientific and know-how divulgations and communications.

Position constraints

  • Controlled access to the laboratory