PostDoc: Molecular epidemiology of tick and rodent-borne pathogens, Montpellier, France


Short title: Molecular epidemiology of tick and rodent-borne pathogens

Long title: Interaction between microorganisms in ticks and in rodents, and consequences for pathogen transmission using high throughput sequencing and biostatistics.

A 2-years postdoctoral position in molecular epidemiology is available at INRA ( in Montpellier, France, starting from the beginning of 2013. The research proposal is focused on the study of the interactions among pathogens and symbionts, and how they could influence pathogen transmission in ticks and rodents. The post holder will be in charge to perform (1) pathogen and microorganism screening in ticks and rodents using high throughput sequencing; (2) bioinformatic analysis of sequence data; and (3) statistical analyses of interaction. From this knowledge, consequences on pathogen transmission will be assessed.

We are seeking a highly motivated, organized and friendly post-doctoral fellow. The candidate should hold a PhD degree in molecular biology or molecular epidemiology. Knowledge in biostatistics would be beneficial. The postdoctoral position will be funded by PATHO-ID, a multidisciplinary research project launched within the metaprogram initiative MEM (Meta-omics of microbial ecosystems; PATHO-ID brings together a network of seven laboratories competent in molecular epidemiology, community ecology, Next-Generation Sequencing technologies and bioinformatics to develop new approaches and innovative ways for the study of pathogen transmission. The research work will be performed at Center for Biology and Management of Populations in Montpellier ( with frequent stays at the laboratory “Animal Epidemiology” in Clermont-Ferrand ( The total gross salary is between 2200 € and 3500 €/month depending on the qualification of the candidate. Applicants should send a statement of interest and career objectives, CV, and names with contact information for three references to Jean-François Cosson ( and Gwenaël Vourc’h (


Application deadline: 5 th of November.