Head of Disease Programme Emerging and Vector-borne Diseases ECDC, Stockholm, Sweden


Head of Disease Programme Emerging and Vector-borne Diseases
Unit: Office of the Chief Scientist

Job description

The jobholder will report to the Head of Section Diseases Programmes and will be supported by a Programme Manager. The jobholder will be responsible for the scientific and technical
content of the Programme of Emerging and Vector-borne Diseases (EVD Programme).  He/She will be responsible in particular for the following areas of work:
  • Advising the Director, Chief Scientist and ECDC Senior Management Team concerningall aspects of EVD, including developing and updating the strategy of ECDC work on EVD prevention and control;
  • Coordinating and facilitating the work of the EVD Programme in the Centre, includingpreparing a draft multi-annual and annual work plan with a budget and beingaccountable for the quality of all outputs of the Centre related to EVD;
  • After clearance from the Director’s Office, liaising with external stakeholders (the European Commission, European Medicines Agency, European Food Safety Authority, WHO, and other international public health agencies and academic institutions) in the area of EVD prevention and control;
  • Leading the coordination of and interaction with the ECDC EVD Network of Members State (and EU enlargement and neighbourhood policy country) experts;
  • Identifying and addressing needs for risk assessments, technical advice, guidance and surveillance on EVD prevention and control;
  • Overseeing the production of scientific evidence-based guidance and advice in response to questions from the European Parliament, the European Commission and Member States;
  • Designing and coordinating scientific studies at EU level in the area of EVD prevention and control and promoting EVD research programmes within the EU;
  • Setting-up and coordinating epidemiological investigations and providing expert guidance on field response support in the EU and enlargement countries in the event of a serious cross border health threat related to EVD;
  • Contributing to other activities of ECDC, as required, in his/her field of expertise and participate in the 24/7 duty system of ECDC when necessary.

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