GIS Analysis and Agriculture, Graduate Internship in Oxfordshire, England, UK


 Sir Peter Elworthy Grant Programme 

GIS Analysis and Agriculture 
Graduate Internship in Oxfordshire, England 
Initially Spring-Summer 2014, with the possibility of then joining the core team 
The Sir Peter Elworthy Grant Programme is sponsoring a Graduate Intern to work on the Map of Agriculture (MOA), a GIS-based application showing financial returns and production yields, together with other relevant information, across a wide variety of regions and crops/farming systems. The internship will be managed by Craigmore Research and the Agriculture Resource Community (ARC). 

The specific skills we are looking for include: 

  • Experience with GIS vector and raster analysis and presentation with spatial relational database foundation, specifically the OpenGeo GeoServer suite and PostGIS / PostgreSQL. 
  • An exposure to 3GL / OO development would be preferred, ideally Java or Python, in the context of custom processing of GIS datasets outside of the main GIS system 
  • Web front end technologies (especially HTML and JavaScript) 
  • Familiarity with a modern IDE – Eclipse as an example – as well as an understanding of Software Configuration Management best practice. 
  • Generally, an enthusiasm for problem analysis and resolution, and an ability to identify and apply relevant technology in line with the overall project ethos and requirements. 
  • A major plus for a successful candidate would be to provide references to existing published project work, either as solo or collaborative efforts. 
More generally we are looking for a Graduate Intern who is self-motivated and who has an academic background in the modelling of land-use. Ideally they will have had academic and practical exposure to farming. 

The Graduate Internship: 

  • will be based in England at the historic Wardington Manor, where accommodation can be provided 
  •  is intended to run through the European spring and summer of 2014, and to be initially for about six months with the possibility of then joining the core team. The exact details of the timing and conditions will be discussed in the context of the personal details of the prospective intern 
  • will provide the intern with an attractive compensation package. 
Further information is available under
Interested applicants should send their CV with a covering letter to Dr. Charles Elworthy at as soon as possible.